ID: A self portrait marker work on paper of TextaQueen-a medium brown skinned femme eroticallyembraces a cobra as they sit upon ignited skulls stuck with the flags of England, France, Denmark,and Portugal, underneath a pomegranate tree with smoke billowing in background. They hold one of the broken fruits in one hand, letting its juice drip onto their leg and into the skulls below. All photos courtesy TextaQueen.


22 October -
18 December 2022


4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

181-187 Hay St, Haymarket

Bollywouldn’t is a catchphrase decolonised; it is an imagining of utopia and reclamation of power. Bollywouldn’t deconstructs all the "-isms" in the Bollywood genre, giving agency back to South Asians, particularly those marginalised within our cultures through sexuality and gender identities. Working predominantly in felt-tip pen—aka ‘texta’—TextaQueen positions Bollywouldn’t as a balm to diasporic displacement.



Top image: TextaQueen, Journeyer, 2016; photo: TextaQueen