Lee Kun -Yong , The Method of Drawing 76 -  2, first performed in 1976, (re  -performed in 2018); photo: Document Photography

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Please Explain: Kababayan

To mark the closing weekend of ‘For us sinners’, 4A hosted an in-conversation between artist Marikit Santiago and Professor Anna Cristina Pertierra (Associate Dean of Research in the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building at University of Technology Sydney) on Saturday 14 May, 2pm. Anna and Marikit discussed the representation of Filipina-Australians in daily social, political and cultural life, and how family, motherhood and religion have influenced their personal identities and professional careers.

Recorded 14 May 2022

4A Digital In Review

As 4A Digital logs off for another year, join artists Marcus Whale and Jane Fan for a panel discussion with co-curators Marco Rinaldi (Curatorial Assistant, supported by the Sally Breen Family Foundation) and Con Gerakaris (4A, Curatorial Program Manager). 
This panel discussion reflected upon the ten newly-commissioned artworks created for 4A Digital 2021 and discussed the methodologies of creating work for digital engagement, curating online spaces and expand upon themes of online communities and new approaches to media.

Recorded 18 November 2021

4A Papers Issue 10: Letter from the Editor

Mariam Arcilla reads her Letter from the Editor to introduce 4A Papers: Issue 10. Featuring contributions from Matt Chun, Green Papaya Art Projects, Leora Joy Jones, Annette An-Jen Liu, and Hugh Hudson / Taipei National University of the Arts 國立台北藝術大學. Access Issue 10 here,

Recorded 04 October 2021

Survival Aesthetics

This panel discussion features artist and academic Jesse Hogan, Director of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa and professor in Curatorial Studies, Graduate School of Global Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts Yuko Hasegawa and artist Yuki Okumura, and explores topics and subjects for critical consideration under the speculative framework of the Post Contemporary Condition proposed in the research treatise Survival Aesthetics completed by Jesse Hogan at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2019. 
Presented by The Japan Foundation, Sydney and UNSW | Art & Design in partnership with 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. Survival Aesthetics © Interview Series is supported by The Japan Foundation, Sydney 
This video is a reconstruction of the original panel discussion presented live on Zoom 9 September 2021.

Recorded 09 September 2021

Kien Situ and John Choi

Kien Situ in conversation with John Choi

Recorded 26 July 2021

Off The Page: Design, illustration and authorship in contemporary comics

Panel discussion with Jin Hien Lau, Meg O’Shea and W. Chew Chan, moderated by Con Gerakaris. Held as part of Acute Actions: Responses to I Am Not A Virus, Part 2.

Recorded 08 July 2021

Let’s unpack Acute Acts: 4A Panel x Performance

Panel discussion at Firstdraft with Andrea Srisurapon, Jayanto Tan, and curator Reina Takeuchi, followed by a performance by Amy Zhang X MaggZ. Held as part of Acute Actions: Responses to I Am Not a Virus, Part 1.

Recorded 15 May 2021

Sophia Cai: Art, craft, collective solidarity and fandom culture

Sophia Cai in conversation with Mariam Arcilla. Held as part of Acute Actions: Responses to I Am Not a Virus, Part 1.

Recorded 13 May 2021

Artist talk with James Jirat Patradoon

James Jirat Patradoon in conversation with Con Gerakaris

Recorded 13 February 2021

Sofiyah Ruqayah

Sofiyah Ruqayah in conversation with Reina Takeuchi

Recorded 24 October 2020

Mel Stringer

Mel Stringer in conversation with Reina Takeuchi

Recorded 15 October 2020

Shireen Taweel

Shireen Taweel in conversation with Reina Takeuchi

Recorded 05 September 2020

Crossing Threads®

Crossing Threads® in conversation with Con Gerakaris

Recorded 16 August 2020

Please Explain: No one's drowning, baby

Artist Paula Schaafhausen, Guardian Australia Pacific Editor Kate Lyons and Professor John Church, pre-eminent expert in sea level rise, speak to this issue in this major Sydney Festival panel event moderated by Wesley Enoch. This talk was hosted as part of Wansolwara: One Salt Water.

Recorded 19 January 2020

Please Explain: Who is picking the fruit?

As part of exhibition John Vea: If I pick your fruit, will you put mine back? speakers discuss the realities and unrepresented stories in contemporary globalised era migrant labour, which emerged as a key indicator of regional socio-economic relationships between Australia, New Zealand and many Pacific nations.

Framed by Vea’s 2015 text The Emic Avenue; art through Talanoa and the concept of talanoa (a process of inclusive, participatory and transparent dialogue) as research method, speakers Christine Afoa, Malaemie Fruean, Leo Tanoi and John Vea, with moderator Micheal Do, will discuss the stories, experiences and representations of Pacific migrant workers and the role art and storytelling can play in reframing and challenging the ideas of equality and validity of a global workforce.

Recorded 19 October 2019

Please Explain: Do colonial objects still hold power

As part of exhibition Nusra Latif Qureshi: Strategies of Intent, speakers discuss the mobility of meaning and challenges presented by historical objects and imagery in a post-Orientalist world. Taking the work of artist Nusra Latif Qureshi and the text Networked Objects (2013) by Mary Roberts as a starting point, this discussion will ask whether colonial objects still hold potency today in institutions and artistic practice; and investigate how artists and curators can work to challenge and engage with constructed histories of objects in shifting contexts.

Recorded 24 August 2019

Please Explain: Are We Our Gadgets?

Responding to The Invisible Hand, an exhibition that considers how digital platform technologies are exploiting technological convenience to co-opt personal data in an uncertain zero-sum game, this edition of Please Explain was moderated by Ariel Bogle, Technology Reporter for The ABC, and included panelists David Vaile, stream leader for the Allens Hub for Technology, Law & Innovation at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Faculty of Law, and Prof. Bronwen Morgan, Professor, School of Law, University of New South Wales (UNSW), alongside The Invisible Hand exhibiting artists Sunwoo Hoon and Mijoon Pak (Korea).

Recorded 29 June 2019

Top image: Lee Kun -Yong , The Method of Drawing 76 - 2, first performed in 1976, (re -performed in 2018); photo: Document Photography