Bush Diwan

<p>Bush Diwan</p>


05 August -
16 October 2022


Benalla Art Gallery

97 Bridge St, Benalla VIC 3672

Exhibition Celebration:
Friday 26 August 2022, 6-8pm
Benalla Art Gallery
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The stories of migration and community formation are laden with struggles and triumphs. What do we bring with us and what do we leave behind? In Bush Diwan, artists respond to a pivotal moment in Sikh history in Australia by exploring the reclamation of identity, forming, gathering and laying foundations of community. Illuminating two significant, yet little known, moments in Australian history, this project centres on the story of Siva Singh, an early 20th century Benalla resident, Sikh community leader and civil rights campaigner. 

A group of Sikhs gathered at Siva Singh’s property at Reef Hills outside Benalla, 1920; photo: WJ Howship Collection, University of Melbourne.