Artist Floor Talk with VŨTRỤ Inc.

<p>Artist Floor Talk with VŨTRỤ Inc.</p>


Sunday, 14 April 2024, 4:00am



181-187 Hay St, Haymarket

Join us for an Artist Floor Talk with VŨTRỤ Inc. at 4A LAB, where you can delve into the fascinating journey of LEGEND OF ASIA® SPORT SHOES. Discover the unique perspectives of being Vietnamese-Australian art collective, and how friendship and art have shaped their identity.

LEGEND OF ASIA® SPORT SHOES, presented by the Vietnamese-Australian art collective, will be on display from the 5th to 17th of April at 4A LAB. VŨTRỤ Inc. has transformed the space into a hybrid temple-sneaker concept store, offering a playful exploration of divinity and consumer culture through a satirical lens.

This exhibition is the inaugural showcase in 4A's new early-career artist program, made possible by the City of Sydney Innovations and Ideas grant.