Dennis Nguyen (b. 1998) was born in Australia and grew up in Western Sydney’s Viet-community of Cabramatta. Dennis has a degree in Construction Management, but his true passions lie in pondering about the Viet-Aussie identity, religion, fashion and fitted hats. Dennis loves to explore the cultural clash between the East and the West. In his spare time he enjoys building altars with Vũ Trụ, and has recently discovered a new-found love for painting.  

Nguyễn Vũ Trụ (b. 2000) is an experimental artist from Saigon, Vietnam. Vũ Trụ first came to Australia in 2008 with his parents who were international students. The artist grew up in the small city of Armidale in regional NSW, before moving back to Vietnam in 2015.

Vũ Trụ’s multidisciplinary art practice often asks the questions of a traveller traversing between the realms of materiality, the subconscious and the Internet. Vũ Trụ currently holds a Ba. in Contemporary Creative Practices. Vũ Trụ’s works has been exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions across Vietnam and Australia.

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