Marikit Santiago:
For us sinners

Two painted panels of two dark-skinned figures standing against a green backdrop, wearing animal masks resembling a sheep and a ewe. One of them looks over their shoulder while the other looks directly at us.


26 March -
15 May 2022


4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

181-187 Hay St, Haymarket

Combining the narrative power of Catholicism and the western art canon with her lived Australian-Filipino experience, Marikit Santiago reframes Adam and Eve's story of temptation and sin, brought on by the weakness of woman and the suppleness of the snake. For us sinners explores 'original sin' by freeing the story from its gendered taint of weakness and guilt. In a series of emotionally-charged works that question utopian and dystopian themes, control and transgression, duty and autonomy, sex and sexual difference, paradise and exile, Santiago's first institutional solo exhibition offers nuanced parables fit for the current moment.

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Painting of a male-presenting figure with dark brown skin holds out part of a serpent-like creature wrapped around his body. He stands in a garden of lush green tropical vegetation.
Painting of a female-presenting figure with dark brown skin standing with her hands clasped over her head, looking straight at us with a relaxed expression. She is naked and surrounded by lush vegetation, including a flowering kangaroo paw.

Top image: Marikit Santiago, The Shepherd, 2021, photo: Garry Trinh