Home Planet
Meng-Yu Yan

Home Planet is an interactive digital artwork that foretells the planet your spirit will call its annual home, depending on your age. The work is based on the ancient astrological Hellenistic timing technique known as Annual Profections as well as the concept of the Planetary Joys. The idea of ‘Home’ is based on the astrological idea of the twelve houses in one’s astrological chart. These houses represent different areas in our lives. In this work a planet is used to symbolise the themes of each astrological house. The meanings of the planets are a blend between scientific knowledge, the Greco-Roman myths surrounding planetary names, and the meaning of each astrological house.

The focus on astrology reflects the rising interest of astrology amongst millennials and the rise of astrology apps such as Co-Star and Chani. This interest in astrology illustrates a growing uncertainty of what the future will bring in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change. In contrast to commercial space flights, this work invokes a psychical exploration of the planets, their terrain and symbolism in relation to our own lives. Whatever message your planet shares with you, interpret it in your own way.

Home Planet is best experienced on Desktop.

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Home Planet is commissioned by 4A and curated by the Curatorial Assistant for 2021, Marco Rinaldi, as part of 4A's Digital Curatorship. The 4A Curatorial Assistant Program is supported by the Sally Breen Family Foundation. 

Published 08 December 2021