Have You Eaten Yet?
Ben Kelly and Olly RybakAngus DoolanHarvey Liu

In our modern world, our lives and identities are increasingly defined by our occupation. The menial, repeated tasks of manual labour and the measured conversations of customer service leave an imprint on the way we see the world, and the way we speak with others. Have You Eaten Yet? represents these moments as small intimacies. In the game, players fold dumplings whilst they interact with co-workers and customers. Work quickly and efficiently, make dialogue choices and learn about the people around you in a cosy shopping-centre restaurant.

Have You Eaten Yet lets players imagine themselves within these nostalgic moments of time. As the nights come and go, the repeated tasks will reveal your personal habits. Are you the kind of worker who makes small talk and takes an interest in the customers? Or are you the solitary type who does their job quickly and leaves straight after? With each pleat and fold, Have You Eaten Yet invites the player to reflect and remember, considering the relationship between our past work and our present selves.

A playthrough runs for around 20 minutes, and is controlled entirely with the mouse.

Have You Eaten Yet is commissioned by 4A and curated by Con Gerakaris and Marco Rinaldi. This project is supported by the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund. 

Published 15 August 2022