ASMR | Endless Butterfly Kisses
Akil Ahamat

ASMR | ENDLESS BUTTERFLY KISSES is a generative ASMR experience in which 15 butterflies flutter in and out of audibility. Made as a companion piece to Akil’s recent online game Sonata in b minor for unity, the game reuses the programmed behaviour of the butterflies that self-generate new trajectories every time they reach their destination. While in the previous game the butterflies appear as silent evanescent sprites, this iteration renders them physically present; the flutter of their wings amplified into focus.

Following Akil’s interest in the therapeutic uses of online ASMR role-play videos, this work functions as an experiment that extrapolates a single aural motif into an endlessly evolving listening experience.

Game Programming by Ben Barnes.

Click to enable sound.

ASMR | ENDLESS BUTTERFLY KISSES is commissioned by 4A and curated by the Curatorial Assistant for 2021, Marco Rinaldi, as part of 4A’s Digital Curatorship. The 4A Curatorial Assistant Program is supported by the Sally Breen Family Foundation.

Published 27 September 2021