Shan Turner-Carroll

He Him/They Them

Shan Turner-Carroll's practice interrogates both human and non-human nature, alternative forms of social exchange and interactions between art, artist and viewer: sending and receiving signals. Shan Turner-Carroll's work can sing to snakes, serenade and signal with aliens, and barter with islands, rivers, and oceans. 

Looking towards the multiplicity of connections between body and landscape, site-specificity is key to Shan Turner-Carroll's practice, not only in making, but rather in how an embodied methodology of making emerges upon each site and location. Shan Turner-Carroll sees art-making as ritualistic and transformative, using play, humor and experimentation as key elements within his current practice.

Shan Turner-Carroll is an Australian artist of Burmese descent. Deeply fascinated with unearthing tacit knowledge his practice integrates mediums including photography, sculpture, performance and film. 

Shan Turner-Carroll has exhibited throughout Australia including Artspace, PICA, COMA, MAMA Albury, Outer-Space, ArtSpace Relm, Newcastle Art Gallery, Grafton Regional Art Gallery and MRAG. He has  exhibited internationally in New York, Japan, China, New Zealand, Iceland, Hong Kong and Burma. 

Shan Turner-Carroll

Image credit: Garry Trinh

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