RED REY is a DJ, performance artist and event producer. They are a founder of ANTE, a QTIPOC (queer, trans, intersex & people of colour) arts collective which curates events that focus on de-colonising the nightlife scene. Alongside Dyan Tai, they are also a producer of Worship Queer Cabaret, an event that showcases the performers unique identities and cultural backgrounds, through live art, dance, and music. They identify as genderqueer and of Flipinx background. Their gender identity is expressed through androgynous, binary transcending costumes. This extends to music and dance style, which is influenced largely by the ballroom/vogue communities pioneered by trans women of colour.  As a DJ, they are best known for mixing techno, acid and industrial music with queer, club and world sounds. Red Rey has recently performed locally and interstate for the likes of Club Mince, BARBA, Leak Your Own Nudes and Heaps Gay.


Credit: Karen W. Trang.

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