Meet Me At 4A: From Everywhere and Nowhere

<h1 class="event-title">Meet Me At 4A: From Everywhere and Nowhere</h1>


Thursday, 25 May 2023, 8:00am


4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

181-187 Hay St, Haymarket

Join us on Thursday, 25 May, for power-packed performances in a space where we delve into the interactions between cultures, histories, and power structures.

At 'From Everywhere and Nowhere', you will witness a 45-minute drum performance by Rama Parwata, Butch Schwarzkopf's thought-provoking poetry for 20 minutes, followed by AnSo performing a 30-minute set of electronic pop.

This event takes place in Louise Zhang's exhibition No dust left in the lilies, and explores the power of blending cultures and breaking boundaries through rhythm, poetry, movement, and music.

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Cost | Free