4A presents 'Hybrid Cultures: Mimicry, Migration and the Third Space'

<p>4A presents 'Hybrid Cultures: Mimicry, Migration and the Third Space'</p>


Saturday, 13 May 2023, 4:00am


4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

181-187 Hay St, Haymarket

Coinciding with Louise Zhang’s solo exhibition No dust left in the lilies, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art presents a panel discussion that delves further into themes of hybrid cultures, mimicry, migration, and the third space.

Focusing on the experiences of diaspora and children of immigrants in navigating complex issues of personal and socio-cultural in so-called Australia, the panellists will examine how individual experiences and actions can affect cultural, familial, and local senses of place, addressing themes of ingrained racial, religious, and caste segregation across Asia and Australia.

Panellists include Louise Zhang, a diaspora Chinese-Australian painter who explores the edges of politics and cultural histories in her work; Kirtika Kain, whose practice investigates experiences of the individual and collective memory of the caste system, and Jem Siow, vocalist for hardcore punk band Speed, who carved a new space for the diaspora in the Sydney music scene.

Moderated by 4A’s Public Programs Coordinator, Zev Tropp, the panel promises to be an insightful discussion on the intricacies of intercultural dialogues, hybrid-making and mimicry.

Meet the panel:

Louise Zhang: Louise Zhang 张露茜 is a Chinese-Australian multidisciplinary artist whose practice spans painting, sculpture and installation. Zhang explores the dynamics of aesthetics, contrasting the attractive and repulsive in order to navigate the senses of fear, anxiety and a sense of otherness reflecting her identity. Her work is inspired by horror cinema, Chinese mythology and botany, adopting and placing symbols and motifs in compositions of harmonic dissonance.

Kirtika Kain: Kirtika Kain is an artist on Darug Country in NSW, Australia. In 2020, she received the Paramatta Artist Studio Program and was a finalist in the Create NSW Emerging Artist Fellowship. Kirtika has done artist residencies in Rome and Siena and has exhibited in Berlin and Mali, collaborating with Dalit artists and thinkers from India and the diaspora. Through conversation with her family and reading the words of Dr B R Ambedkar and Dalit literature extensively, Kain brings together inherited personal and collective memories in her work.

Jem Siow: Jem Siow is the vocalist and co-founder of Sydney hardcore band Speed. Jem performs with a magnetic energy blending empowering rage with relentless positivity to share messages of inclusivity. Since their debut EP in 2019, Speed have stormed the global hardcore scene with anthemic songs, including "We See U" and "Not That Nice", performing at the Sound and Fury Festival in 2022 and undertaking tours across Australia, Southeast Asia and the USA.

Meet the moderator:

Zev Tropp: Zev Tropp is a contemporary artist and arts worker with experience in small-to-medium arts organizations and galleries. He co-directed 'Small Time Studio' and curated 'Art From The Heart'. Zev's art practice centres on marginalised voices, identities, and de-colonial art practices, and he is of Jewish-Indian heritage. He currently works at 4A as the Public Programs Coordinator.

We are excited to welcome you!