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Throughout 2024

The 4A Library houses a diverse collection of publications from Australia and the Asia Pacific, focusing on Asian arts and culture. Since its founding in 1997, 4A has accumulated books through donations, purchases, and archiving. This collection not only continues 4A's mission to elevate Asian and Asian-Australian communities but also serves as a critical resource for exploring Australia's cultural interactions with Asia and the global Asian diaspora.

Accessible online, the library's digital platform allows global audiences to browse its extensive catalogue. Physical access is available by request in a non-lending capacity, with plans to expand access in late 2024. 

Select books curated to augment curatorial themes are displayed at the gallery to complement current exhibitions:

House of Gold by Dr. Christian Thompson AO

To browse the full 4A Library collection, curated selections and learn more about the 4A Library, please visit www.library.4a.com.au

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