Jacquie Meng


Jacquie Meng (b.1998, Hangzhou) works with painting, sound, and installation. Her work redefines diasporic cultural identity beyond national and geographical specificities, rather seeing it as unfixed. Through consideration of posthumanism, performativity, and the migration of objects and imagery between cultures, Meng breaks down binaries of “East”/”West”, real/imagined, and human/non-human. This often involves a fusing of mythology and folklore with memories, fictions, and contemporary aesthetics. 

Meng was recently awarded the Brett Whitely travelling scholarship, is a finalist in the churchie Emerging Art Prize at the IMA, and was a part of PICA’s Hatched 2022. She has held solo and collaborative exhibitions at Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Gaffa Gallery, and Tributary Projects

Jacquie Meng
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