Fei the Beast

Production of the dance/theatrical/performance work created by Fei Gao (Fei the Beast)

The Abyss’ is a performance that explores their immigration journey. The constantly shifting immigration policies and elusive ‘in-demand’ skills list feign fairness. Instead, the collaboration between Western powers to control movement through borders functions as a tactic to simultaneously meet the nations labour shortages whilst setting up those from Western countries to succeed. The stringent prerequisites of migration where biases are tied to factors such as race, health, ability, and economic status, cast a dark cloud of racism and inequality over the migrant experience. As a result, migrants from non-white and non-English speaking countries often experience instability, anxiety, and are ripe for exploitation.

In this performance, a resilient character adorned in armour embarks on a journey through the cloud of darkness, in search of a ‘radar’ – a symbol of belonging and human connection. The character undergoes various transformations mirroring how migrants navigate the intricate process. The 'armour' is a distinctive ensemble crafted from wire and fabric reminiscent of construction scaffolding. This attire, not yet fully realised, symbolises the ongoing evolution of the migrant's identity. The performance ends with the shedding of armour and a gaining of newfound fluidity, mirroring resilience, perseverance and new connections borne through adversity.

Fei the Beast
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