CLUB 4A 2024

<p>CLUB 4A 2024</p>


Friday, 31 May 2024, 2:00pm

4A’s flagship event series, CLUB 4A is Inspired by the urge to leave the confines of the white cube and venture into the darkness of the club.

In 2024, CLUB 4A continues to expand on the musical and aesthetic concepts of exhibitions and projects at 4A and on 4A+.

The concept of CLUB 4A revolves around the exploration of creative expression speaking to the ideas of self and cultural identity, within nightlife and techno spaces.

4A will continue to present some of Australia’s leading producers, DJs, performances and visual artists from the Asian diaspora.

Top image: SUCHI, CLUB 4A, Hermann's Bar, University of Sydney, 2023. Photo: Anna Hay